Best list of Yoga Classes and Instructors in Austin, TX and in the surrounding Austin Metro area.

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Wanderlust YOGA ( )

Wanderlust Yoga hosts incredible yoga programming, yoga classes to live music, outdoor yoga classes, community events and much more. The space itself holds two beautiful studios, a retail boutique, an organic cafe with patio seating and men and women locker rooms. The idea for Wanderlust Yoga came from the Wanderlust Festival which is a one-of-a-kind, yoga and music phenomenon. it brings together the world's leading yoga teachers, top musical acts and DJs, renowned speakers and top chefs and winemakers to some of the most beautiful locations in the world.  512.502.5183


breath & body yoga ( )

Breath and Body Yoga is Austins only contemporary yoga studio, which breaks the mold of the traditional yoga practice. From the architectural design by the award winning Dick Clark to the dynamic teaching styles of Baron Baptiste, Breath and Body Yoga integrates contemporary design, Power Vinyasa Yoga, Prana Vinyasa and Anusara Yoga. We invite you to discover your breath, your body and your yoga practice. Get ready for the practice of a lifetime. 512.374.1021

Eastside Yoga ( )

East Side yoga is your neighborhood studio with our warm-hearted welcome, experienced yoga teachers and great vibe we offer yoga to suit all kinds of person. check out daily yoga classes, lectures, workshops and kirtans. 512.779.8543

Healing Arts Studio ( )

Private yoga instruction for people with special needs or injuries. Mark Uridel is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with 25 years of experience,a Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. Deep tissue bodywork and Thai Massage available as requested. Call 512.291.0263 to set up an appointment.

Mind Body Yoga (

We opened Mind Body Yoga, a center for mindfulness, to create a peaceful, community oriented, environmentally conscious space to practice the beautiful lifestyle art of yoga and mindfulness, offering affordable yoga classes to all who seek the teaching. 512-537-1128


Sacred Streams Yoga & Healing ( )

A unique opportunity for physical and emotional stability through a more spiritual, intimate and insightful yoga practice in Austin, Texas. Jennifer began Sacred Streams in 2009 while intensively studying with her Tibetan Singing Bowl Master, Shree Krishna Shahi from Nepal. She quickly discovered the heightened benefits sound had on her own health, meditation, and yoga practice. She felt compelled to share her experience. With the help of her friends and community, intimate yoga class offerings began to emerge along side her private healing practice and the sacred stream of healing sound. (512) 779-8543

Yoga Meditation Group ( )

The Yoga Meditation Group is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching Yoga in all its aspects: Yoga Meditation, Yoga Exercise, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Diet & Lifestyle. We offer classes for all ages, as well as for schools and businesses. All of our classes are free or low cost. We hold our classes in various locations in Austin, including the Austin public libraries. If you'd like more information, please contact us! Namaste.

Dharma Yoga ( )

Dharma Yoga is an Awareness-based mindfulness and relaxation practice, founded by native Austinite Keith Kachtick in 2005, exploring traditional hatha yoga through the lens of Buddhism. Classes range from vigorous vinyasa flow to relaxing end-of-day gentle hatha nightcaps. Our celebrated 200-Hour Teacher Trainings have certified hundreds of yoga teachers who now work in essentially every yoga studio in Austin, as well as nationally and internationally. Dharma Yoga is a fun, challenging, and potentially life-transforming workout for both body and heart. We promise good music, good vibes, and guidance from some of the very best yoga and meditation teachers in Texas-teachers who will know your name. Yoga body. Buddha heart. Locally grown and open for everyone.

Airstream Yoga ( )

Austin, TX

Austin Yoga Training ( )

Austin, TX

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Yoga for the Mind Body and Spirit: For the mind because to meditate is to bring tranquility to the inner self. For the body because to breathe, stretch and posture is to bring relaxation to the outer self. And, for the spirit because to exercise both mind and body as one brings harmony and peace to the whole self. Austin Yoga classes and instructors in the Austin Metro area.

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