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Find Austin Coffee Shops and Tea Shops in Austin, Texas.


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Summer Moon Coffee ( )

Founded in 2002, we are a locally owned coffee shop offering wood-fire roasted coffee in Austin & surrounding areas. Roasted using the finest Texas oak.

Cuvee Coffee Bar ( )

Austin, TX

Houndstooth Coffee ( )

Austin, TX

JP's Java ( )

Austin, TX

Mozart's Coffee Roasters ( )

Austin, TX

Progress Coffee ( )

Austin, TX

Sips ( )

Austin, TX

Starbucks Coffee ( )

Austin, TX

Austin Coffee Shops and Tea Shops:

Coffee the black elixir, it calls you in the morning and beckons you until you meet again. For some it is the non-alcoholic beverage of choice while for others it is the only choice. There's a reason why coffee is America's favorite hot beverage. Its aromatic brewing fills the air and soothes your sense of smell. Its taste, if black, is hard but satisfying, and if drinking it straight isn’t for you, there’s always so many ways to dress it up, whip it up or just include your favorite sweetener. Wherever your taste for coffee lands on the spectrum of coffee desire there are many coffee houses in Austin, TX and in the Austin metro area to get your morning, afternoon or evening cup of joe. If coffee isn’t your thing and tea is, there are still many places in the metro area to get and have the tea of your choice for your personal tea time.

Coffee starts out as a seed in the berry of the coffee plant. The common perception that coffee comes from a bean is a misnomer but because the seed looked like a bean the name stuck. The fruit when ready to harvest is picked and processed before the coffee bean is roasted and sold. There are two types of coffee beans Arabica and Robusta. Although Robusta has more caffeine of the two it is the Arabica that is the best seller mainly because it is less bitter and better tasting.

The coffee plant was first discovered in Ethiopia in the 10-11th century and quickly spread throughout the world, arriving in the Americas circa 1723. Today, Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world while in America Hawaii is the only state in the Union that grows coffee.

Coffee has the highest caffeine content followed by tea. Soda comes in third place while energy drinks sometimes can have as much caffeine as coffee. Folgers is the number one selling ground coffee brand in America while Maxwell comes in second. McDonald's isn’t just cooking up a lot of burgers and fries it is also the leading hot brewed coffee seller in the US followed by Dunkin Donuts then Starbucks and finally 7-Eleven.

Now if coffee isn’t your first choice than tea is the second choice. But unlike coffee 85% of the tea consumed in America is chilled. Black tea is the favorite tea commanding over fifty percent of the tea drank. Green tea which is believed to have many health benefits comes in around eleven percent while all the other herbal teas round up the remainder.

Tea plants are native to Asia and it is the leaf of the plants which are used to brew tea by steeping them in hot water.

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