Best list of Austin Art Classes and Workshops in Austin, TX and in the Greater Austin Metro area.

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Art Classes (7)

Atelier Dojo ( )

Atelier Dojo is the only traditional fine art school in Austin, Texas! We offer a variety of professional programming for the serious art student. Dojo Academy is for students of all skill levels seeking a rigorous daily curriculum (part-time or full-time) in representational drawing and painting. We also offer shorter-format evening and weekend classes, and workshops for artists of all skill levels looking to learn to paint or draw.


Art & Soul ( )

Austin, TX

Art By The Glass Studio ( )

Austin, TX

Blue Moon Glassworks ( )

Austin, TX

Color Me Mine ( )

Austin, TX

Marmalade Skies ( )

Austin, TX

Smudge Studios ( )

Austin, TX

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Paint Brushes image from by Iamnee