Best list of Counseling and Mental Health Services in Austin, TX and in the Austin Metro Area.

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Counseling and Mental Health (32)

Neshama Counseling & Coaching ( )

Counseling and life coaching for adults teens and families, specializing in substance abuse and addictive disorders. Coaching for life's transitional events, such as leaving home for college, establishing or changing careers, divorce, death of a loved one, family upheaval or major illness.All services provided by a state-licensed and/or occupationally certified individual with at least 25 years experience.. All services provided by appointment on an hourly fee basis. Counseling and coaching available in person at a centrally located office or via phone or Skype/Facetime.



Luminary Counseling, PLLC ( )

We provide convenient, supportive, confidential therapy services to the Austin, TX area and Mueller district at an affordable rate. We offer therapy in a variety of issues and we have sliding-fee counseling for clients and their families when needed.



Louis Laves-Webb Counseling ( )

Licensed professional Austin counselor with over 15 years of counseling experience treating adults, adolescents, and couples.



Yvonne Self ~ Past Life Regression & Spiritual Counseling ( )

I offer assistance with helping individuals re-connect to their own Inner Wisdom. I assist those who are ready to fully awaken to remembering who they are and to their life's purpose. My services include: Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, QHHT, Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Mentoring, Energy Healing, Life Path Guidance and readings.



Jill Steward, LCSW ( )

For 22 years I've been helping people address the issues that block them from reaching their full potential in life. Understanding the source of problems is vital to making effective changes. I will help you identify what is causing you trouble and how to effectively improve it. I care about your emotions, your mind, your spirit, your loves, your losses and fears, your traumas and triumphs. As a therapist, it is an honor to be invited into someone's private thoughts and feelings. This place that is uniquely you and worthy of sensitivity, respect, compassion and understanding.


Dr. Mathis Kennington, LMFT, PLLC ( )

I specialize in treating couples considering divorce and couples who fight...a lot. The first thing I will do is help you survive again. After that, we'll work on rediscovering the passion and intimacy that makes relationships go the distance. As an experienced clinician, I train the next generation of therapists as the Clinical Director with the Austin Family Institute. I serve on the board of directors for the Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and I am an adjunct faculty with St. Edward's University where I teach couples and sex therapy.

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Individual and Family Solutions ( )

Are you looking for help with relationship issues, counseling for your child or teen, behavioral issues or looking for help with your family's relationship? At Individual and Family Solutions we work with you based on your individuality, feelings, thoughts and unique situation. You are seen as a whole person and not just a diagnosis. We offer a flexible, relaxed, nonjudgmental and compassionate approach that serves to help a wide variety of people and their situations. We work with people in many situations and circumstances. Our clients find therapy to be successful with our approach.



Austin Relational Wellness ( )

From Marriage Counselors that care to marriage workshops & couples retreats, Austin Relational Wellness offers all types of couples therapy to suit your relationship needs. We also specialize in individual therapy and group therapy sessions as well. If you are both willing to put in hard work & stay committed to what we teach you then your marriage can definitely be salvaged. Our Creating Connections Couples Retreats have really grown in popularity over the last year. Many couples highly recommend our workshops for improving your marriage. If you are in or near Austin, Texas we can help.



Addiction & Psychotherapy Services ( )

Austin, TX


Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin ( )

Austin, TX


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Find the Best List of Counseling and Mental Health Services in Austin, TX and the surrounding Austin Area.

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