Best list of Dance Schools and Studios for Dance Classes and Lessons in Austin, TX and in the Greater Austin Metro area.

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Dance Schools and Studios (16)

Joyce Willett School of Dance ( )

We offer the most competitive prices in Austin for students who wish to take multiple hours of dance each week allowing families to be able to afford a serious dance program. We strive to develop the finest technical dancers for those who are ready. In addition we provide a totally enjoyable experience for everyone.


Bollywood Shake ( )

At Bollywood Shake, we teach Indian Bollywood dance for a cultural experience full of fun and excitement. In addition to learning some cool moves, our classes will also give you a good workout! We have several locations in Austin and very affordable pricing. Visit our website for details on schedule, location and pricing.


Agni Dance ( )

At Agni The Dance Company we teach all Indian styles of dance from Bollywood to Classical. Our goal is to provide quality dance education for an affordable price. Come try our first class for FREE!


Monsoon Dance- Bollywood & More... ( )

Welcome to Monsoon Dance (Bollywood & more..) where we are commited to high quality instruction of Bollywood, Bhangara and Indian Dance forms in a fun & friendly environment. We offer dance lessons to suit all levels of skill, interest and dance backgrounds (Kids and Adults). We offer choreography services for weddings, events and unique Bollywood-birthday party packages for adults and kids. Book our Dance Team "Mayur Dance Team" for your next event to perform Bollywood, Bhangara, Classical and Indian Folk Dance forms and bring a zest of our exotic culture to make your event glow.


HAWAIIAN Kona Isle ( )

Students are taught the basics of Hawaiian/Polynesian dance. Intermediate and advanced students should have dance implements: ipu, pu'ili, and 'uli'uli. Colorful, energetic and professional, Hawaiian Kona Isle is the longest established Polynesian group in Austin, Texas. They have entertained for Central Texas events at festivals, country clubs, weddings, corporate events, universities, charitable events, as well as family and children's backyard parties. The leader and choreographer, Carole Stockton is a native of Hawai'i who began the group to share Hawai'i's cultural heritage with Texans.


Fitness Hoop Dance (

Burn up to 600 calories per hour, define your waist, strengthen your core, and reduce stress and have FUN with this revolutionary fitness dance program using adult size hoola hoops! This is not only a fun way to become more fit, but a great way to get togethr with friends and family for an energizing workout that takes inches off your waist and puts a smile on your face! No previous experience required, just a willingness to feel like a kid again.


Infinity Dance ( )

Infinity Dance is a dance studio that features several styles of dance including: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Strength and Flexibility, for all ages.


Arthur Murray Dance Studios ( )

Austin, TX


Austin Ballroom Dancers ( )

Austin, TX


Austin City Dance Club ( )

Austin, TX


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Find the Best List: Dance Schools and Dance Studios in the Greater Metro Area and in Austin, TX

There is a rhythmn within us all, a body motion -- a flow. For some it is the purest art form known; the body a canvas, the brush stroke its motion, while for others it just downright fun. So move your body and express yourself. Find Austin Dance Schools and Studios and instructors for dance lessons and classes for individuals or groups.

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