Best list of Cosmetic Surgeons and Surgery in Austin, TX and in the Greater Austin Metro area.

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Cosmetic Surgeons (15)

Austin Plastic Surgeons (

A place where patient care and understanding is our primary goal. Whether it is Aesthetic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Hand Surgery or Breast Reconstruction, our experienced staff and state of the art facility is focused on patient satisfaction and safety. Our mission is to provide and maintain the highest standard of medical care.


Westlake Plastic Surgery ( )

Founder of Westlake Plastic Surgery, Dr. Robert Caridi is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Caridi specializes in cosmetic surgery of the breast, body and face. Dr. Caridi has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America. Westlake Plastic Surgery houses a fully accredited private surgical facility. Your comfort and safety are our primary concern.


Anthony R. Bittar, MD ( )

Dr. Anthony Bittar is a premier Austin facial plastic surgeon at his practice, The Beau Visage Center. He specializes in ENT procedures, rhinoplasty/nose surgery, facelifts, injectables, aesthetic skin treatments and implants for lips and chin.


Beleza MedSpa ( )

Austin, TX

E. Richard Parker ( )

Austin, TX

Lauren Crawford ( )

Austin, TX

M. Scott Haydon, MD ( )

Austin, TX

New U Plastic Surgery ( )

Austin, TX

Renu Facial Cosmetic Center ( )

Austin, TX

Restora Austin Plastic Surgery ( )

Austin, TX

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