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Antique Stores (4)

Antique Marketplace ( )

A locally owned and operated Antique Store in North Austin, offering a large selection of American and European antiques.


Neon Radio ( )

Out of Lockhart, TX the Neon Radio is a buyer, seller and trader of vintage radios and other related items, including console radios, cathedral radios and radio ephemera.


The Austin Antique Mall ( )

With over 100 dealers and 30,000 square feet The Austin Antique Mall has one of Austin's largest selection of antiques, including but not limited to vintage furniture, jewelry, china, crystal, clothing, toys, etc.


Whit Hanks Antiques ( )

Located on sixth street Whit Hanks is a collection of several antique stores all in one location: 1776 House Antiques, Antique Swan, Jean-Marc Fray French, Lotus Asian Art & Antiques, Negrel Antiques, Raritet Antique and others.


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Furniture pic from by Sira Anamwong