Best list of A/C and Heating Repair in Austin, TX and in the surrounding Austin Metro area.

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A/C and Heating Repair (29)

Strategic Air Services ( )

Strategic Air ServicesT offer certified technicians who are devoted to installing and repairing HVAC systems. Our technicians also offer other services like heating installation, AC repair, HVAC maintenance and more! Never worry about your HVAC system, whether you need a repair or installation, we are here to serve you anytime of the year. With Strategic Air ServicesT by your side not only will we install your HVAC, but we will maintain it all year round. Rely on our excellent customer service to connect you with the right technician right away. Our technicians are well trained and determined to find a solution to any problem. We dispatch from the Bee Cave/Dripping Springs area, so we can reach anywhere in the Austin Metro in minutes.


Aircom, Inc. ( )

Aircom is a family-owned and operated business offering quality service to the Greater Austin area for over 16 years. We serve residential, commercial and mobile home clients. Aircom can provide emergency services 24 hours at any time of the day. We also offer senior discounts and accept all major credit cards. Aircom is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating!


Smart Air Service Co. ( )

Smart Air offers HVAC services like air conditioning repair and heating services for commercial and residential markets.


Naylor Services ( )

Naylor Services has served almost 30 years as an HVAC and AC Repair company in the Austin area. Currently, Naylor Services operates out of Bertram, Texas, and serves North Austin, Cedar Park, Marble Falls, Burnet, Leander, Liberty Hill, Round Rock, and areas in between. Naylor Services provides repair, service, and installation, and preventative maintenance plans. Heating, Cooling, Naylor does it all, year round.


Elite Heating & AC ( )

Elite Heating & AC is Austin's premier HVAC company. We are fully committed to providing you with quality commercial, residential, refrigeration, and HVAC construction services at an affordable price. Our skilled teams complete the project as quickly and efficiently as possible . In need of HVAC service or repair? Call an Austin heating and AC company that you can trust!


McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning ( )

McCullough has been family owned and operated since 1977. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, multi-year Angie's List Super Service Awards, and top rated NATE and NCI certified technicians. We look forward to serving your home comfort needs.


Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing ( )

Efficient AC, Electric & Plumbing is a local, family-owned business that has been proudly serving the greater Austin area since 1976. The company, which holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, has built a reputation for providing high-quality, comprehensive plumbing, electrical and HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) services to homeowners, business owners and builders.


Green Leaf AC & Heating ( )

Austin-based air conditioning repair company providing repair, replacement, maintenance, and second opinions for everything HVAC. Provides residential and commercial services for customers across Central Texas.


Cool Kids Air Conditioning and Heating ( )

We provide a wide range of services for all kinds of needs. Whether you're looking for service on a unit that's not working, pricing for new equipment, regularly scheduled maintenance, or just have a question about your filters, we can help you achieve the results you seek. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on new equipment or a second opinion.


A-1 Air Conditioning ( )

Austin, TX

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Find the Best List: Austin A/C and Heating Repair in the Greater Metro Area and in Austin, Texas

How Air Conditioning Works:

But first a little bit about the history of the air conditioner. The first modern electrical air conditioning unit was invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier in Buffalo, New York. He invented it while trying to improve the printing process for a publishing company he worked for. Upon his invention he immediately saw the far-reaching applications of the new technology and as they say the rest was history. If you’re wondering if that last name sounds familiar, you're right, the Carrier name is one and the same as the famous Carrier A/C units you can purchase today.

Before we move on into the inner workings of how most standard A/C units actually work keep this in mind. The air conditioning system essentially removes heat from the air inside and moves that heat outside. It does this with the use of a refrigerant and three main parts: a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator.

Because it is a closed system and constantly repeats over and over again there isn't really a good place to start so we'll begin with the refrigerant which after all is the real star here and is where all the magic happens. Under the right conditions, a refrigerant, i.e. a gas like Freon, can absorb or release heat in a process called phase change. So, for example, when Freon is converted from a liquid to a vapor it absorbs heat from the air and when the Freon changes from a vapor into a liquid it release heat into the air. You'll see in a moment how this phase change along with the compressor, condenser and evaporator work together to provide the right conditions to make all this wonderfulness happen.

The evaporator is located on the inside and is commonly found on the air delivery unit. It consists of a fan and coils. Before the refrigerant arrives in the evaporator it is in a liquid form and as it is passed through the evaporator coils it changes from a liquid to a gas which as mentioned before absorbs heat from the air, cooling that air. The fan then blows this cooled air into the ventilation system to be distributed throughout, bringing down the temperature and humidity inside.

Now the heated refrigerant in gas form is then transported to the metal contraption outside. That's the large finned metal box near your house with the noisy fan and contains the compressor and condenser. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant. Mainly to make it more hot so that the condenser can convert the refrigerant back into a liquid. Once in a liquid it releases the heat it absorbed inside then returns the refrigerant back to the evaporator to start the whole cycle over again.

All this magnificent technology and science is wonderful and amazing to think about but it does come at a cost. Your A/C unit is the biggest power draw on your electric bill. But there're some simple things you can do to reduce the demand. The easiest and cheapest thing to do is the replacement of your air filter on a regularly basis. That could be once a month or more depending on your filters manufacturing specifications. You can also place solar window screens on the outside of your windows or blinds or tint on the inside of your windows to restrict the amount of sunlight that passes through.

So whether you're a residential home owner, apartment renter or a commercial business, find Austin air conditioning and heating installation, repair or services for a/c units or heaters in Austin, TX and in the surround Austin Metro Area.

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