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Texas Staged Homes ( www.TexasStagedHomes.com )

Texas Staged Homes furnishes and decorates vacant homes that are on the market for sale. We provide high-end inventory and interior design services at a fraction of the cost to hire a designer. Our quality services makes every staged property irresistible to any buyer! We work with property investors, flippers, realtors and sellers to enhance a property's marketability. We also provide consultations for occupied homes. This service is very useful for the seller that needs help with decluttering, updating, wall paint and flooring suggestions, arranging of furnishings and help with curb appeal.

HomeGirl Staging & Redesign ( www.staginghomesandredesign.com )

Austin, TX

Pop Decor Home Staging ( www.stagingaustinhomes.info )

Austin, TX

Susan Miller Staging & Interiors ( www.susanmillerstaging.com )

Austin, TX

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